WorldListPro - Free Credit Based E-mail Marketing Safelist


Steve Keenan (Owner)


A safelist is an email list that is focused towards advertising web sites, online promotions, business opportunities and more. World List Pro is an advertising co-op, as all members agree to receive advertising emails from other members. It benefits advertisers by allowing them to forward ads to a large number of potential customers without having to resort to spam. It benefits members because they are rewarded for viewing the ads.

As a member you can ...

... send your offer in text or colorful HTML (upgraded members only) to other members on the list who will need to view it for 15 seconds in order to receive credits which can then be used for their own mailing.

... add banners and text ads to our Ad Rotation System which are displayed on all the pages of the site as other members are navigating throughout the site.

... purchase contact solos in which you can send your ad to the contact addresses of all members. These have a much greater response than the normal credit mailer and include higher credit rewards for viewing them.

... earn cash commissions and credits for referring other members to our site.

... add your user id's to our vast downline builder so you can build your own downlines faster and bigger.

... join in active reader and referral contests where cash, credits and solos are all up for grabs.

... try your luck in our weekly raffle to win solos and list solos.

... receive exclusive offers and discounts only available to active members.

... set vacation setting - Inbox filling up? You have the availability of turning your account off at any time. Turning it back on is simple.

... win thousands of credits in our Lottery. Random winning tickets are mixed among the credit links in the messages sent within the list.



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